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♥ Welcome to the website of TipTop Voet!

This is a foot care salon located in the Mariaberg district of Maastricht, a 10-minute walk from the city centre. 

TipTop Voet offers a variety of pedicure treatments to help you solve different foot problems, including ingrown nails, cracked heels or calluses. People without foot problems are also welcome because good care for the feet is very important. Cosmetic foot treatments such as foot and lower leg massages and nail polish are offered, as well.

At TipTop Voet, professionalism and personal attention are a priority. Work is carried out according to the Footcare Manual, which sets high standards for hygiene and safe working practices. The salon uses the latest pedicure techniques. With the water technique pedicure machine, a pedicure treatment is experienced as comfortable and it also ensures extra hygiene.

TipTop Voet is a member of ProVoet, the branch organisation for pedicures. All ProVoet members have a diploma, recognised by the sector.

• I am not allowed to treat diabetics.