About me

I am Sonia Promkova, living in Maastricht for 16 years. My background is art and design. After years of working as a graphic designer, I decided to expand my horizons beyond the computer screen and do something completely different. And so TipTop Voet was founded in May 2019.about me

Since then I have been working with peasure in my home-based pedicure salon where I offer my services to young and old alike. I really enjoy taking care of feet and it gives me a lot of satisfaction, as well. Attention to detail is very important to me in this kind of work, and fortunately I have taken this over from my design work.

To stay up to date with all the new developments and trends in my field, I continue to regularly attend various workshops and courses. This way I can do more and more for my clients.

TipTop Voet offers a variety of pedicure treatments for both healthy feet and feet with problems, such as ingrown nails, fungal nails, excess calluses, cracked heels or corns. A partial treatment, where only the problem is being treated, is also possible.

As an extra, I offer various cosmetic treatments, such as foot and lower leg massages or polishing of the nails. You can also come to me for foot care tips and advice on suitable products for your feet, which are available for purchase.

Looking beyond your own feet? Then you can also buy my handmade creations, such as my own design screen-printed t-shirts, bags and more. Either from me or in my online store: www.bobolinksudio.com

And last but not least, I speak fluent English and Spanish. So internationals are also more than welcome 🙂