Foot care tips 

A few simple everyday foot care tips because good care for your feet is very important:

1. Wear well-fitting shoes with enough space for toes and nails.
2. Buy new shoes better in the late afternoon or evening (the feet are slightly swollen then).
3. Do not wear high heels, only for special occasions.
4. Change shoes daily to be able to ventilate them.
5. Wash your feet daily (preferably with a Ph-neutral soap).
6. After washing properly dry, also between the toes to prevent a fungal infection.
7. Do not trim your nails too short to avoid ingrown nails.
8. Trim your nails straight and round the corners with a nail file to prevent ingrown nails.
9. Do not use scissors but a nail clipper.
11. Use clean socks every day (preferably cotton).
12. Hydrate your feet daily with moisturizing foot cream.
13. Use UV-protective lotion in summer.
14. Look at your feet regularly to make sure there are no problems.